"Skynet" start nearly a hundred days to pursue the pace of the pursuit of stolen goods across the board to accelerate

The establishment of the provincial pursuit of stolen goods
June 8, fleeing seven years of job suspects Sun Xin from Cambodia was escorted back home. This is the "Skynet" action since the start of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Anti-Corruption Coordination Group International pursuit of stolen stupid work office decisive attack, will be fleeing personnel to bring the case of the first case of success, but also "red" 100 list was recovered on the first 3 people. According to the central anti-corruption coordination group international pursuit of stolen stolen work office of the relevant person in charge, the country has more than 20 provinces and cities came the news, of which 16 people in Liaoning, Shanghai 29 people, Jiangsu 30 people, Shandong 18 people. The provincial pursuit of stolen goods coordination mechanism in full swing in the local recovery of the fleeing personnel, both from Laos, Cambodia and other Southeast Asian countries to arrest the case, but also from the United States, Europe and other places were extradited, persuaded to return home, and by Relatives and friends to convey our policy on the evacuation of personnel after the initiative to vote. Central chase to run the relevant person in charge told reporters that the current situation of pursuing stolen goods can be used to "pass" to describe - up and down the smooth, sector Unicom, inside and outside through. Among them, the establishment of the provincial pursuit of stolen goods coordination mechanism has become an important link of "vertical and horizontal joint" strategy and tactics. Since March this year, "anti-corruption international pursuit of stolen business" was held, the majority of provinces and cities nationwide held a party committee meeting, 31 provinces and municipalities and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps have held anti-corruption coordination group meeting or the Commission for Discipline Inspection Standing Committee, Specializes in the deployment of the pursuit of stolen goods, and have established a provincial pursuit of stolen goods coordination mechanism. Under the leadership of the Party Committee Anti-Corruption Coordination Group, the Commission for Discipline Inspection, the organization of personnel, courts, prosecutors, public security and other relevant departments to play their respective advantages, work together to form a work together. Liaoning Provincial Public Security Bureau set up an overseas arrest team, the team transferred from the province's public security organs, not only has a wealth of practical experience, but also proficient in the law, familiar with the investigation, master foreign language, understanding of foreign affairs. As the nation's first professional team to pursue the stolen job, they will closely around the "Skynet" and "hunting fox" action, strengthen internal and external cooperation, improve and improve with foreign law enforcement agencies, ports, civil aviation and other departments Exchange and police cooperation mechanism, and actively expand the channels of foreign information, the formation of the whole field, full coverage, the whole chain of convergence mechanism. Hebei Province set up a special fund for the pursuit of stolen goods, earmarked. In order to strengthen the information communication, Zhejiang Province to further establish a joint meeting mechanism, the daily coordination mechanism and liaison mechanism, Qinghai Province established a regular notification system. Jiangsu, Guangdong, Guangxi and other places on the side control, arrests, financial information inquiries, involved in checking and checking the assets involved in the entry and exit trial and other open "green channel", the implementation of "one-stop" for the establishment of the pursuit of recovering stolen fast Reaction mechanism. The heart of the base, "chase" have emboldened to recover the stolen goods, to "chase" have emboldened, first mind a bottom number. On the basis of the situation of the abscisation of party members and the state staff, the provinces and municipalities have established dynamic updating, timely and efficient statistical report system of flight information. For the new cases of escaping, the provinces are clear "case of a report", with a report together, requiring 12 hours to escalation to the province to catch up, 24 hours to report the central chase away. Beijing 's quarterly zero reporting system. Require the units in each quarter of the last working day to catch up with the city to report the region, the system, the unit members and the state staff flight situation has changed; changes, and timely submission of relevant information. Timely update, to supplement the progress of the case of flight, for the case of a major change in the case, the units should promptly report the city chase away. In the pursuit of the same time, around the "gateway" forward, improve the anti-escape mechanism. Such as the border provinces of Yunnan, the establishment of the "three library three anti" linkage mechanism. "Three treasuries" refers to the organization of the establishment of leading cadres to report personal information database, strengthen the "naked" mastery and supervision; procuratorial organs to establish the province's fugitive personnel information library, to take online fast escape measures; Job personnel record information database, strict personnel to apply for entry and exit documents audit clearance. "The three anti", that is, the specific post personnel to go abroad (territory) to implement multi-party trial of the "defense"; due to private country (territory) license centralized management of the implementation of the separation of people "material defense"; set up border checkpoints to strengthen the "border." For example, Gansu Province to strengthen the leading cadres for private country (territory) document management, management will be extended to the township level, requiring the county (city, district) party committee management of the rural party and government leaders due to private (country) County (city, district) Organization Department of centralized management. Pursuing stolen goods is an important political task. The provinces have stressed that the case occurred after the flight case is not required to report, illegal entry and exit permits, the case is not investigated, the domestic investigation work is not strong and other issues, must be held seriously the responsibility of the parties, at the same time to pursue the same party responsibility and the Commission for Discipline Supervision The Focus on the case, due to the case on April 23 this year, that is, "red" 100 list of the second day after the release of Shanghai to pursue the rapid coordination of relevant departments, the use of information technology analysis, investigation, after the comparison, a Foreign passport man is one of the hundreds of fugitives Dai Xuemin. In Shanghai, Jiangsu, Anhui and other provinces and cities to pursue and public security, closely with the prosecution, Dai Xuemin was arrested on April 25, as "red" "touch the first person." On the pursuit of stolen goods, the provinces and municipalities in the same "starting line." Who direction clear, path clear, who will be able to move a strong, accurate attack. Prior to this, 100 "red" personnel have been fully decomposed to 23 provinces and municipalities listed supervision, some provinces and municipalities have also selected part of the high level of duties, involving a large amount of social impact of poor, better work based on the case of key breakthrough. The provinces to the case as a breakthrough, a comprehensive comb, verify, supplement the situation of foreigners, legal instruments, social relations, overseas clues, etc., for overseas arrest, repatriation to lay the foundation. To clear, refine the task, responsibility to people, on a case-by-case basis and road map, focus on "annihilate". Foreign escape to the unknown, as soon as possible to identify the direction of flight, add the right to file, edge control, red notification and other basic measures. Henan Provincial Committee of Anti-Corruption Coordination Group of 42 officers set up 42 task force, one person a file, special volume management. On the known whereabouts of the catch by the province to catch directly, the provincial Public Security Bureau and the provincial Procuratorate is responsible. Due to the specific circumstances of the case, respectively, to determine the repatriation, persuasion, arrest and other work direction. On the case of unknown cases, according to the regional jurisdiction by the provincial and provincial direct county (city) chase away "collar" and set a "military order." So far, the province has successfully recovered 26 people, including 15 suspects. Hebei Province on the supervision of the case of the establishment of a weekly report system, requiring the organizers every Thursday morning report on the progress of the report, urging the investigation and coordination at the same time to solve the problems in order to investigate and deal with the operation and consolidation of the case. Yunnan Province procuratorial organs to develop a personalized counseling strategy. By visiting the suspects family members, relatives and friends, etc., talk about policy, give way, to surrender. "The case investigation and handling of the important situation and the need for central level coordination matters, be sure to report and deal with." Central chase the relevant person in charge said that the next step, the central chase run will urge the region to adhere to results-oriented, As the starting point, "chasing people" as the core, increase the intensity of investigation and handling of cases. Overseas no "safe island", take the initiative to surrender the most sensible compared to other flight personnel, announced in late April, "Red" 100 list of people in particular by the community attention. Many of them listed on the huge amount of personnel involved, and some flight for nearly 20 years, the specific decline yet to be clear, more difficult to pursue. No country is willing to become a corrupt "safe haven" "safe island". Experts said that the "red" release on the one hand to play the role of search and control, while proclaiming "red" 100 people have become the world's "enemy", not only greatly deter the parties, but also to the illusion of corruption The molecule issued a solemn warning. Since the release of the "Hongtong" list of hundreds of people, China and the multi-national judicial law enforcement agencies to actively cooperate, some hidden for a long time, since that "fled a hundred" survivors have been traces of fled. At present, the central authorities pay great attention to the pursuit of stolen goods, the media inside and outside the excavation, the people actively concerned about the people at home and abroad enthusiastic report, many fled "Shuo rat" deep law, morality and public opinion of the quagmire, Dreams become "everyone shouting" the nightmare. It is reported that the arrest was sent to Sun Xin also had thought to surrender, but because they feel more serious cases, whether to worry about whether to worry. The door to surrender is always open. Central chase to go to the relevant person in charge said that there is no "safe island", the initiative is always the best choice for foreigners. (Reporter Yang Shiqi)

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