"Long March 5" sail to Hainan today, the total weight of more than 1,000 tons of transport

The rocket hoisting and maritime transport missions were carried out by two rocket carriers at 21 and 22
Beijing, August 25 (Yu Jianbin, Wei Long, Jiang Lei) After 5 days of lifting, August 25 morning, "Long March 5," the first fleet of rocket containers were all equipped with long-sighted rocket carrier. Rocket transport ship will be on the 26th from Tianjin Port cable to anchor, rushed to the Hainan Wenchang launch site. Is expected to arrive in September 1, Hainan Wenchang Qinglan port. Subsequently, the "Long March 5" rocket will be transported by land to the launch site. According to reports, in the "Long March 5" rocket first flight task, maritime transport is an important part of the complex weather conditions on the rocket maritime transport reliability of the safety of the higher requirements, the successful completion of the transport mission marks the rocket of our country Maritime transport capacity tends to mature. The number of containers equipped with "Long March 5" rocket products, transport protection and electrical measurement equipment reached 40, the total weight of more than 1,000 tons, about 2 times the "Long March 7" rocket, by the distance 21 and 22 two The rocket carrier carried out the rocket hoisting and maritime transport mission.

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