Wonderful litigation: Lin Miao can not return to microblogging complaints against violations of personality

This is the registration of the implementation of the court after the normal day of Chaoyang court
Beijing News (Reporter Liu Yang) from the examination and registration to the registration filing, has implemented the first anniversary of the registration system, to the grassroots court to bring what changes? Yesterday morning, Chaoyang court informed the work of the situation, the hospital registered 96669 cases over the past year, an increase of 33%, the judge per capita cases nearly 400 cases. In a large number of filing there are some "wonderful case", if the public because of the child Lin Miao can not return to microblogging message to "human dignity was violated" on the grounds to sue the court. The court called on the public to correctly understand the registration system, a reasonable litigation. A year on file for nearly 10 million abuse increased yesterday morning at 8 o'clock just before, Chaoyang Court of the court outside the court on the row of ten meters long queue, which is the implementation of the registration system after the implementation of Chaoyang court daily normal. Chaoyang court filing court president Han Yi Gang introduced, over the past year, the hospital received a total of 14 million people on file, registered 96669 cases, an increase of 33%. "After the implementation of the registration system, the lack of legal basis for the occurrence of indictment, some prosecution and even people feel ridiculous," Han Yi Gang introduced, the public Sunmou had to court to sue Lin Miao Ke, he said in Lin Miao's microblogging many times Message, but Lin Miao can not always reply, Sunmou that Lin Miao can violate the behavior of their dignity and physical and mental health, to sue claims. According to reports, there is a prosecutor to the Chaoyang court, asked to sue CCTV, because it has called CCTV "focus interview" column, said his family had something worth doing special reports, the column asked the relevant circumstances Mail to the Central Television, but the final "focus on the bomb" column did not use the topic, the prosecutor sued CCTV compensation for its mailing fee of 2 yuan. Beijing News reporter learned that the "Wonderful lawsuit" was not filing. The front line of the burden of heavy "pressure mountain" Han Yigui introduction, filing registration process also reflects the process of hardware and software services still need to improve the case of many people more prominent contradictions, some public misunderstanding and other issues. As of April 30 this year, to deal with marriage and family, medical malpractice, construction projects, motor vehicle traffic accidents and other civil cases mainly civil court judges, per capita closed more than 368; to finance financial loans, bank cards, entrusted financial management And other commercial case-based financial court judge, per capita closed more than 340, first-line judges in the case of annual work overload, the pressure is huge. Chaoyang Court, deputy head of the court case Lin Shangshi calculations, a judge outstanding cases 400, if every day to open five homes, twenty a few working days per month, up to open 100 cases, that is, That 400 cases to be closed to 4 months to open a court for each case, and usually a civil case to open 2,3 times the court to conclude. In this case, for those newly received cases, after the summons of the normal row of at least three months later, because the trial has been more than simple procedures, these cases had to be transferred to the ordinary procedure. The accumulation of a large number of cases resulted in an increase in the length of the case hearing cycle and the increase in the execution period. The court suggested that qualified units and individuals to take online booking as much as possible, involving more of the property, heating, financial institutions and other units in the handling of more than five cases of bulk registration procedures to take an appointment to apply. At the same time, it is recommended that the public increase legal knowledge and common sense, correctly understand the registration system and reasonably assess the risk of litigation. So as not to squeeze the legitimate case of the parties to seek judicial help space.

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